[Openstack-operators] [Openstack] Future of Launchpad OpenStack mailing list (this list)

Ryan Lane rlane at wikimedia.org
Tue Sep 4 17:26:52 UTC 2012

> Of the As, Option A1 in particular is my preference.
> However, I've heard a lot of talk about people wanting a "users" and
> "operators" list to be merged -- with enough support for that, I would
> be happy with Option B.


> Do we have information on the type/number of discussions that are
> "user" and not "operator"? "general" and not "user" or "operator"?
> I'd love to hear feedback from our community members on their views of
> what's what (at the very least, even confusion will help inform a
> decision).

API implementers and operators are the two classes of users I can
think of from the lists perspective. Cloud end-users would likely not
ask questions on the list.

> One thing to keep in mind is that the more divisions there are in a
> set of things which are conceptually similar, the greater amount of
> confusion that will result...

This is what I'm most worried about. When the IRC channels were split,
the support channel (#openstack) became a ghost town. I'd really hate
for that to happen to the lists for support as well. If most of the
developers only subscribe to the -dev list, then the support list will
probably suffer quite a bit.

- Ryan

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