[Openstack-operators] How many NIC do I need for installing Essex

Stephen Liu satimis at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 22 02:43:42 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm following;
Expreimenting with OpenStack Essex on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS under 

building OpenStack, Essex.

But I can't resolve how many NICs I need to install Essex?  To my understanding on the diagram - Quick Overview of The Installation

eth0 = NIC-0
eth1 = NIC-1
eth2 = NIC-2

then it needs 3 NICs.

On the other hand;
vboxnet0 and vboxnet1 are virtual NIC

then it needs 2 NICs, one for NAT. 

But I have only ONE NIC on the box.  Is there any solution?  Please help.  TIA

Stephen L
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