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Gabe Westmaas gabe.westmaas at RACKSPACE.COM
Thu Jul 19 13:16:31 UTC 2012

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> On 19/07/12 09:32, Eugene Kirpichov wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I noticed that there are quite a few cases when I found my OpenStack
> > installation is broken and logging was not verbose enough for me to
> > understand what exactly was broken, so I had to add more logging
> > statements to the code and relaunch.
> Most of the people I know are running with debug logging turned on for this
> reason, which is clearly bonkers. There was discussion at the design summit
> about trying to promote meaningful debug messages to info messages so
> that deployers wouldn't need to do that. I don't think its progressed much
> though, as we've all be working on other stuff.
> However, to answer you actual question -- I'd support patches with only
> added logging if that logging was helpful.
> Cheers,
> Mikal

There is definitely support for logging only patches that help us find problems easier.  I just added openstack operators, because I think it would be good to get as much input as possible over what problems are difficult to track down.

Some thoughts off the top of my head:
When downloads from glance fail after multiple retries, the glance server that is failing is not in the output anywhere.
Request IDs just landed in glance and it would be cool if those were logged in nova

I know there are more things!


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