[Openstack-operators] OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (July 6-13)

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Sat Jul 14 00:14:38 UTC 2012

    Highlights of the week

      G stands for Grizzly <http://markmail.org/message/nrgea2jdl5ms4hdp>

Results of the naming poll for next OpenStack release are in, and the G
release will be named "*Grizzly*".  The regular poll selected "Gazelle"
(35 votes), with "Gilroy" (27 votes) being a close second. But the
Grizzly revolt poll showed overwhelming support for the "Grizzly" name
(88 votes) rather than going with the results of the regular poll (46

The /Waldon exception/ (accepting elements of the state/country flag in
addition to city/county names) will be added to our naming rules for
future naming contests :)

      Some clarifications about Cinder

With the promotion of Cinder to OpenStack core project, Cinder's PTL
John Griffith explained what the project does and what the future
release, Grizzly, may look like. OpenStack operators are invited to give
their opinion and help developers take the best decision.

      Lots Of OpenStack At OSCON 2012

Only a few days to OSCON: find the full list of talks related to
OpenStack and don't forget to RSVP fort the OpenStack Party
<http://www.oscon.com/oscon2012/public/schedule/detail/26369> at Spirit
of 77 (500 NE MLK Blvd.) on July 18th.

      OpenStack Summit Fall 2012: Tickets & Sponsorships now available

The OpenStack Summit is coming to San Diego October 15th-18th at the
Manchester Grand Hyatt . Check out the new Summit website
<http://www.openstack.org/summit/san-diego-2012/> to learn more, buy
tickets, or to become a sponsor.

The early bird price for tickets is $400 until August 31st, then it goes
up to $600, so please buy your ticket
<http://www.openstack.org/summit/san-diego-2012/> now! Everybody is
invited to participate, there are no caps like in past events (the only
limit is the physical capacity of the location).

      OpenStack Overview -- Operational Details of a Large Python

Pádraig Brady <https://ep2012.europython.eu/conference/p/padraig-brady>
spoke at *EuroPython 2012 about OpenStack. His talk was recorded (audio
starts at minute 11:40).*

      Tips and tricks

  * By Michael Still: how to use glance replication
  * By Yong Sheng Gong: Openstack's Floating IPs

    Upcoming Events

  * OpenStack India Users July meetup
    Jul 14, 2012 -- Bangalore, India Details
  * The 1st London OpenStack Meetup
    <http://www.meetup.com/Openstack-London/events/55354582/> Jul 25,
    2012 -- London, UK Details
    Jul 16 -- 20, 2012 -- Portland, OR
  * 13th International Free Software Forum -- OpenStack Track
    <http://wiki.openstack.org/FISL13> Jul 25 -- 28, 2012 -- Porto
    Alegre, Brazil Coordination <http://wiki.openstack.org/FISL13>
  * 2012 OpenStack APEC Conference
    <http://openstack.csdn.net/index.html> Aug 10 -- 11, 2012 --
    Bejing+Shanghai, China Details <http://openstack.csdn.net/index.html>
  * OpenStack Summit <http://openstack.org/> Oct 15 -- 18, 2012 -- San
    Diego, CA

    Other news

  * New mailing lists: http://wiki.openstack.org/MailingLists Subscribe
    to the relevant ones for you.
  * OpenStack Project Meeting logs: 2012-07-10: Summary
    and full meeting log

    Welcome new contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  * Tim Daly Jr, Yahoo

/The weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the
various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add
content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please
leave a comment./

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