[Openstack-operators] can't get vlan-ednetworking to work, packets from instances not visible in br_171 interface

Benedikt Fraunhofer fraunhofer.lists.os-operators.001 at traced.net
Fri Jan 27 12:14:40 UTC 2012

Hello *,

Could some help me troubleshoot why vlan-ed networking doesnt work in my setup?

The instance seems to be not correctly bridged to the vlan:
kvm correctly creates interface vnet2 and throws that in the br_171 bridge.

I can see the packets (well, the arp requests at least) the vm throws
in its eth0 on the compute-node's vnet2.

It is correctly bridged together with the vlan171 into br_171
root at os-compute01:~# brctl show
br_171          8000.d067e5f9c55a       no              vlan171

but i can't see the arp-requests on br_171 or vlan171 or on the eth1
interface which backs vlan171.
the vlan is correctly configured (from what i can tell: nova.util
called --sudo vconfig add eth1 171).
 tcpdump -n -i br_171 -e -v -x "arp"
outputs nothing, while the same for vnet2 shows the packets the
instance is sending out.

ebtables is empty with policy ACCEPT.
i can see tagged packets on eth1 (coming from the cisco-switch stp
stuff) and those designated for vlan 171 on vlan171 but not those
originating from the instances on the box.

Thx in Advance


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