[Openstack-operators] High Availability for Instances

Gerrit Tamboer gerrit at gerr1t.nl
Wed Jan 18 12:21:37 UTC 2012


We are currently working on implementing Nova into our cloud.
current setup consists of 4 compute nodes which are controlled by 2
dedicated controllers in a MySQL master-master setup. 

Everything is
working fine, but we are currently investigating how to automate
instance(s) failover when a host machine goes down due to hardware failure.

I think this is scriptable because we have centralized controllers, which
means we can query the database table 'instances' to get a list of guests
that are running on a host.
This means we could script that whenever a host
is not responsive that the instances that we're running on that compute
node are moved to other compute nodes. 

Before I actually start working on
a script that does this I was wondering if there is actually a similar
solution already around? I don't want to waste my time on reinventing the
wheel :) 


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