[Openstack-operators] Using bridge instead of routing by floating ips

Heiko Krämer kraemer at avarteq.de
Mon Aug 27 11:47:03 UTC 2012

Heyho dear community,

I'll try to find a solution how i can use a layer 3 load balancer
(keepalived) with Openstack instances. 
This load balancer is shared to all projects and Keepalived will
distribute all incoming connections (http, https, port xy) to the
registered instances. It's only possible if the floating ip's are not
routed by iptables and each instance have a second NIC with a unique

I've found quantum instead of the default network manager but Quantum
have no multi_host option ?! In addition Quantum will use vLan tagging
and that's not possible for our setup. Or i'm wrong with vlan tagging?

I'm using "FlatDHCPManager" to manage my network. It's installed on each
compute node with "multi_host" flag. So the fixed_ips are using bridging
but the floating will be routed with IPtables.
Load balancer (keepalived) it's installed an configured on extra hosts.
I've a very distributed cloud stack that means i'm using extra hosts for
api and keystone, storage and image, many shared services (DB cluster,
glusterfs cluster, mail cluster and so on)and compute/network nodes. 

If you have questions or need more detailled informations to answer,
please ask :)

Heiko Krämer

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