[Openstack-operators] VM with a public IP

Paul Walton paul.d.walton at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 20:31:09 UTC 2012


I have been reading tutorials on installing OpenStack on Ubuntu, and so far
they all involve giving the VMs a private IP from the Nova configs.
However, in my case I will need to generate VMs that have a publicly
accessible IP address, and this address will be handed out by a DHCP server
that I do not control and is external to OpenStack.  I can do this just
fine using standard KVM on our current VM server, but I haven't see yet how
OpenStack allows this to occur.  For example, several of our current VMs
run class websites, and some have static IPs assigned to them, while some
are dynamically assigned.  These must be accessable from the Internet for
our students to access.  If someone could point me to a document or
tutorial on how to do this in OpenStack then that would be great!



Paul Walton

University of Arkansas
College of Engineering
CSCE Technical Support Team
J.B. Hunt Building, Room 440
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