[Openstack-operators] Changing the DNS Name given by dnsmasq

Andrew Glen-Young andrew.glen-young at canonical.com
Tue Aug 7 18:01:58 UTC 2012


On Tue 07-08-2012 13:18 ›, Thomas Vachon wrote:
> I've been trying to prevent dnsmasq from handing out novalocal as the
> domain.  I set the private dns name via nova and it didn't work.  I then
> took more drastic measures and tried to override the name via a dnsmasq
> config file.  That didn't work as either.  What am I missing here?

Setting --dhcp_domain in your nova.conf should be sufficient, but the
currently running dnsmasq process will not be reloaded after adding this

I believe that restarting nova-network should kill and restart the
currently running dnsmasq process (or there may be a more graceful

A 'ps' listing should list dnsmasq with the new --domain option passed
to it.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Glen-Young

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