[Openstack-operators] OpenStack and Physical Servers

bruce bushby bruce.bushby at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 08:51:31 UTC 2011


I know I'm probably being a bit lazy here but I was hoping to answer a
few questions relating to OpenStack's support for physical servers
before I go ahead and try it.

I administer a small unix estate +- 300 servers and would like to
trial OpenStack internally as a means for uniform deployment and
management of our server platforms, any comments on the following
would be much appreciated.

1. Does OpenStack cater for deploying physical servers (HP)
  a. Configure the IILO with a template
  b. Update ILO firmware
  c. Initiate a buil build

2. Does OpenStack have any "decommissioning" routines?

3. Any support within OpenStack for connecting to the ILO console /
couls I access my consoles from within OpenStack rather then pointing
a browser etc

4. Does OpenStack work well in a pure NAS (NetApp) environment?

We use RHN Satellite and are fairly good with packaging all our
software into rpms, we also use puppet for various configuration bits
and half the estate is ESX.

Any comments or experience implementing OpenStack with regards to the
above points would be a great help.

Bruce Bushby

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