[Openstack-operators] Swift v1.4.3 Multiple Server Installation on EC2 - Help

Sergio Ariel de la Campa Saiz sacampa at gmv.com
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You have to create a private network, so  in your case you have to assign 6 IP numbers: one for proxy and other 5 for storage nodes.
STORAGE_LOCAL_NET_IP is the IP number of each storage node (in each node you have to create a variable named STORAGE_LOCAL_NET_IP). This variable is created to use it in next steps of the installation guide.


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I am following the steps in http://swift.openstack.org/howto_installmultinode.html<http://www.linkedin.com/redirect?url=http%3A%2F%2Fswift%2Eopenstack%2Eorg%2Fhowto_installmultinode%2Ehtml&urlhash=3iWw&_t=tracking_anet> to try out Swift on 6 EC2 nodes (1 proxy, 5 storage). I'm using EC2 since I don't have 6 physical servers to spare.

In the "General OS configuration and partitioning for each node" section: Step 6 is not clear
Step 6 says:

Publish the local network IP address for use by scripts found later in this documentation:



I assume I should be substituting the IP addresses with my IP addresses?

The PROXY_LOCAL_NET_IP I am guessing should be the local IP address of my Proxy server.

How about STORAGE_LOCAL_NET_IP? Is that the IP address of the first Storage server out of the 5 that I set up or any Storage server picked at random?

Thanks in advance.

Amar Kapadia

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