[Openstack-operators] Openstack integration with xcp

Ken Pepple ken.pepple at gmail.com
Wed May 4 16:51:06 UTC 2011

On May 4, 2011, at 5:00 AM, openstack-operators-request at lists.openstack.org wrote:
> I finally get a nova-controller and a separate nova-compute installed, but
> the nova compute is not connecting to the controller, everything in the
> nova.conf seems ok but when i restart the nova compute service i get a
> CRITICAL error with this :
> 2011-05-03 10:19:56,420 CRITICAL nova [-] (OperationalError) (1054, "Unknown
> column 'floating_ips_1.auto_assigned' in 'field list'")
> Somebody know why the compute node is not seeing this table on the
> controller database ?

If I had to guess, the compute node either (1) has an incorrectly configured sqlconnect flag (most likely) that is pointing the compute node to it's local sqlite db or (2) is not using the same version of Nova as the controller.

To diagnose further:

(1) sqlconnect flag
Make sure that you have exactly the same nova.conf on both machines (especially the name:password part). You can also look in the nova-compute.log for something like "--sql_connection=mysql://root:nova@localhost/nova"

(2) nova version / db mismatch 
Run these two commands on BOTH machines and make sure they match exactly to rule out the codebase version mismatch:

	$ bin/nova-manage version list
	$ bin/nova-manage db version

The missing column that is OperationalError-ing was introduced in the newest migration (15).


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