[Openstack-operators] Openstack integration with xcp

Leandro Reox leandro.reox at gmail.com
Sun May 1 19:07:48 UTC 2011

Hi all, this is my first post at the openstack list, i've researching a
while before i started to install openstack, actually i deployed a
single-node installation of cactus version, i able to run instances and
works like charm. But the company needs today are far away of my deployment,
we need

- Phiscal nodes high-availability
- VMs high-availability - ( live migration between cluster pool members )
- Integration with AWS - EC2 ( to deploy transparently images there or in
our production environment)
- Storage access compatibility ( make transparten to the developers the way
that they application access to the data, neither is on our production
environment or an amazon server)
- Chef integration to deploy machines based on roles ( bd, webserver, etc,
etc )

Currently we have an OracleVM environment that handles very well the
high-availability stuff and we can deploy machines pretty quickly by
clonning "Golden-images" of each role that we need, but that doesnt scale
anymore and we want to migrate to an openstack environment.

So, whats the best solution for us ? , since OracleVM is based on xen we've
thinking about openstack+xcp environment, but i really cant find
documentation on how to do that. Really worth to integrate openstack with
xcp ? or is a better solution to deploy openstack controller + a lot of
openstack nodes to run vms ?  I found the way to clusterize xcp pretty
easily but i cant find that for openstack too, how the product manage where
to start a VM based on the host resources and stuff like that.

And of course , we need a dashboard for our developers to self-deploy VMs
based on images stored for they need. And the final big challenge, how to
integrate openstack+dashboard+xcp+chef to make the hole instance deployment
pretty straightforward to the users with less intervention of us.

I know that there are a lot of companys working with this scheme, so if you
guys can help me to get it right ill be really appreciate that, because
after reading so much, im kinda lost.

Best Regards

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