[Openstack-operators] Setting up Openstack Swift

Marcelo Martins btorch-os at zeroaccess.org
Wed Aug 17 20:43:43 UTC 2011

Hi David, 

Please provide a bit more information. 

- What version of swift 
- proxy-server.conf 
- what do they logs show ? 

Marcelo Martins
btorch-os at zeroaccess.org

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On Aug 16, 2011, at 4:45 AM, David Pusch wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm having a bit of a problem setting up a Swift Cluster. The base
> system is Ubuntu 10.04, and I have followed the steps laid down in
> http://swift.openstack.org/howto_installmultinode.html, but I seem to
> have done something wrong. When I run swift-init proxy start it says
> that it is starting the proxy and assigning a new pid, but when i
> ps/grep for it, nothing has happened. Also when I try to do the admin
> test and run "curl -k -v -H 'X-Storage-User: system:root' -H
> 'X-Storage-Pass: testpass' https://$PROXY_LOCAL_NET_IP:8080/auth/v1.0"
> it can't connect. Netstat also shows nothing listening on port 8080.
> If anyone of you could make something of this and point me in the
> right direction, I would be very grateful.
> Regards
> David
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