[Openstack-operators] Problems understanding/running the flat network mode

Arjun Datta ADatta at primustel.ca
Tue Aug 16 15:34:55 UTC 2011


I have a similar problem but my networking seems to be setup correctly.

Does one need to authorise SSH as well ? I also, cannot ping or SSH to
any running instances.

Arjun Datta

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I found a solution. The problem was, that I had no ip on that host in
that subnet.
Therefore all packages to were sent to my default gw,
which was wrong.
I created a "virtual" interface on the bridge, where the instances are
connected to.

br100:0   Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:22:19:6d:87:3a
          inet addr:  Bcast:

After that, the network is running and I'm able to ping my instances.

But now I'm looking into flat dhcp mode, because I'm going to have
windows instances, and the ip injection doesn't work with windows afaik.


2011/8/15 Shang Wu <shang at ubuntu.com>:
> Hi Chris,
> On 11-08-13 06:16 PM, Christian Wittwer wrote:
>> I can startup a instance, it gets a ip from that pool, but I'm unable

>> to ping it.
> The first thing that come to my mind is that you need to run the 
> euca-authorize command to enable the ICMP protocol. If you haven't 
> done it already, this might be something worth look into.
> Regards,
> --
> Shang Wu
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