[Openstack-operators] nova-network results some error

Shaon mdshaonimran at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 22:20:06 UTC 2011

When I runs *sudo nova-network* it gives me the following error.

2011-08-12 04:10:45,941 CRITICAL nova [-] (OperationalError) no such table:
networks u'SELECT
networks.created_at AS networks_created_at,
networks.updated_at AS networks_updated_at,
networks.deleted_at AS networks_deleted_at,
networks.deleted AS networks_deleted,
networks.id AS networks_id,
networks.label AS networks_label,
networks.injected AS networks_injected,
networks.cidr AS networks_cidr,
networks.cidr_v6 AS networks_cidr_v6,
networks.gateway_v6 AS networks_gateway_v6,
networks.netmask_v6 AS networks_netmask_v6,
networks.netmask AS networks_netmask,
networks.bridge AS networks_bridge,
networks.gateway AS networks_gateway,
networks.broadcast AS networks_broadcast,
networks.dns AS networks_dns,
networks.vlan AS networks_vlan,
networks.vpn_public_address AS networks_vpn_public_address,
networks.vpn_public_port AS networks_vpn_public_port,
networks.vpn_private_address AS networks_vpn_private_address,
networks.dhcp_start AS networks_dhcp_start,
networks.project_id AS networks_project_id,
networks.host AS networks_host
\nFROM networks \nWHERE networks.deleted = ? AND networks.host = ?' (False,

I've seen the database where these things are located, but nothing seemed
wrong to me. Then what is this all about?


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