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Ell Marquez ellstripes at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 17:31:33 UTC 2018

*Hello all, We are happy to announce the relaunch of the OpenStack
Mentoring program, and we are kicking off with some changes to the program
that we hope will better serve the community.Previously mentoring occurred
through one on one partnering of mentor and mentee; this new program will
focus on providing mentorship through goal-focused cohorts of mentors.
This change will allow mentoring responsibilities to be shared among each
group's mentors. The initial cohorts will be:- Get your first patch merged-
First CFP submission / Give your first talk- Become COA certified / study
for COA- Deploy your first CloudIf you are interested in joining as a
mentor or mentee, please sign up at :Mentor Signup:
Mentee Signup:

*freenode irc room: #openstack-mentoringCheers,Ell Marquez and Jill Rouleau*
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