[OpenStack-Infra] Resigning from infra-core

Antoine Musso hashar at free.fr
Tue Dec 17 10:04:37 UTC 2019

On 10/12/2019 00:28, Joshua Hesketh wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've been dreading writing this for a while now but all good things
> must come to an end. Due to changes at work and my inability to
> sustain any significant contributions to the project I think that
> regrettably it is time to resign from infra-core.
> It has been a wonderful experience contributing to OpenStack and
> OpenDev I'll miss working with everybody and it has been an absolute
> pleasure to get to know some of you both professionally and
> personally. I will certainly miss you all and cannot understate how
> thrilled I am to have had this chance to work with everyone. It has
> been a highlight of both my career and in some cases my life.
> Having said that, I will still be around, so please do not hesitate to
> contact me should you need my input on anything or if there is
> something I can do to help. I also intend to still be involved with
> Zuul in whatever capacity I can.
> I hope that our paths will cross again in the near future, and wish
> you all all the best with the projects going forward.
> Kind regards,
> Josh

Hello Joshua,

I am not very active anymore, but still have vivid memories of my
interactions with you a few years ago.

Thank you for the Zuul changes that introduces the reporters, sources,
triggers. I remember that chain of patches being rebased over and over
until it went suitable for merging.

Thank you for bringing in Swift support to Zuul. Even if I have never
deployed it, that definitely sounded like a very cool and nice feature.

Thank you for all the kindly reviews you have made to my (and others)
patches, you have been instrumental in making me love python again and
trust in open source development models.

Thank you for the explanations of how Turbo-Hipster fetched patches from
CI. That eventually has lead me to port the git logic from devstack
shell script to python and spawned the zuul-cloner command (now gone RIP).

Have a good summer :]

Antoine "hashar" Musso

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