[OpenStack-Infra] OpenDev Independence and Governance

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Dec 6 15:35:13 UTC 2019

On 2019-12-05 15:52:10 -0800 (-0800), Clark Boylan wrote:
> The OpenDev project will be governed by two entities. The first is
> the service coordinator. Responsibilities for the service
> coordinator are essentially the same of the existing Infra team
> PTL. They coordinate work of contributors and act as a tie breaker
> when clear consensus isn't found.
> The service coordinator is elected every 6 months. The nominee
> pool and electorate are individuals that have contributed changes
> to OpenDev in the last 12 months.
> The second is an advisory board made up of representatives from
> OpenDev's user base of projects and organizations that contribute
> compute resources. This advisory board provides a formal location
> for both our users and contributing orgs to express their needs to
> the OpenDev project. This creates a clear contact point for
> feedback on priorities and direction. Their input will help ensure
> that the OpenDev project is a good steward of the resources
> provided to it and that user needs are being addressed.
> Contributing orgs and user projects are not required to join the
> advisory board, but are encouraged to do so. Individuals on the
> board would be selected by their own constituency as that
> constituency feels is appropriate.
> The advisory board will also serve as a point of contact for  the
> OpenDev project when making changes that may be disruptive. The
> intent is to create bidirectional communication between OpenDev
> and the advisory board.
> How does this look?

I'm not certain it's correct to say that the advisory board is an
entity which governs OpenDev; it's a source of input into decisions
made by the group and/or coordinator but it's not a decision-making
authority. I'm also not sure it's an incorrect way to phrase it
either: GCIDE definition #2 of "govern" does include "to influence"
as a possible interpretation there. So it still might work, I'm just
slightly worried about future misinterpretation of the intent behind
that choice of word.

Overall though, I think this is excellent and embodies the idea
elegantly--thanks again--great stuff!
Jeremy Stanley
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