[OpenStack-Infra] moving Activity Board fully under openstack-ci

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Mon Jun 2 21:31:40 UTC 2014

Hello folks

I wanted to get your thoughts on the idea to move the whole Bitergia
grimoire engine, scripts, database, etc to the openstack common
infrastructure. I'm sure everybody will want this so the question is
more about resources as in people willing to help Bitergia get their
machinery puppetized the "OpenStack-CI way".

At the moment the various spiders and scripts run on a machine on
Bitergia's end and they drop the results of the elaboration (json, html,
css files and sql dumps) on activity.openstack.org/dash/.

While this setup is convenient and has been working so far, I think
we've outgrown it. One of the areas that we want to do more with is the
datawarehouse built by Bitergia, enable it to serve other purposes too
and allow more collaboration from the community. For example, once the
tools are all out in one place, interested parties could build some sort
of service on top of your datawarehouse to export the data about the
affiliation. Others could build tools to 'fix' such affiliation, pulling
the various mailmap files used by gitdm and stackalytics.

The question for OpenStack-CI is then: in the next weeks/months, is
there going to be someone free, from the CI team or someone willing to
join it (Dan?), to help Bitergia's team get their tools on our


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