[OpenStack-Infra] Multi-node upstream testing

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Tue Jul 9 00:10:09 UTC 2013

On 9 July 2013 11:33, Monty Taylor <mordred at inaugust.com> wrote:

> On 07/08/2013 10:46 AM, David Kranz wrote:
> > Can any one tell me the status of this? There was some discussion at the
> > last summit. It would be great to have a multi-node smoke test in the
> > gate. We have some ideas about this but wanted to know what the current
> > thinking is in the infra group, both about how multiple nodes would be
> > deployed in a job and how OpenStack would be deployed onto those nodes.
> Because of the work the TripleO guys are doing in this area, I've been
> assuming we'd use their output to get this up and going. Currently Liz
> is working on getting tests going of dib itself, once that's there we'll
> be closer to being able to start looking at that in earnest.

Indeed, we're now putting the finishing touches on deploying scaled out
computes from scratch using heat+nova-bm; when thats working changing it to
'deploying scaled-out computes using heat on nova-vm' should be straight
forward, though we will have a hard dependency on heat + glance etc : AIUI
neither HP Cloud nor Rackspace cloud allow us to upload our own golden
images today, which means we'll need to workaround that (which is
inefficient and slow, but doable).


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