[OpenStack-I18n] [I18n] Translation plan & priorities for Rocky

Frank Kloeker eumel at arcor.de
Tue Mar 6 21:26:32 UTC 2018

Am 2018-03-06 10:32, schrieb Robert Simai:
> Hi Frank,
> On Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 10:06:24 CET, Frank Kloeker wrote:
>> Early April we want to start with a new User Survey Translation. There
>> will be very few changes. Due the upcoming Summit in Berlin we want to
>> translate the results of the survey also, at least to German.
> While I support the idea, do we have any numbers from the previous 
> survey to
> see how translations were adopted by the users? I'm really curious to 
> see how
> many people responded in which languages.

Yes, there were some explanation, but I can't remember correctly. Have 
to grep the e-mail archive ;)

kind regards


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