[OpenStack-I18n] [I18n][PTL] PTL nomination for I18n

Frank Kloeker eumel at arcor.de
Tue Jan 30 19:07:53 UTC 2018

This is my announcement for re-candidacy as I18n PTL in Rocky Cycle.

The time from the last cycle passed very fast. I had to manage all the
things that a PTL expects. But we documented everything very well and I
always had the full support of the team. I asked the team and it would
continue to support me, which is why I take the chance again.
This is the point to say thank you to all that we have achieved many
things and we are a great community!

Now it's time to finish things:

1. Zanata upgrade. We are in the middle of the upgrade process. The dev
server is sucessfull upgraded and the new Zanata versions fits all our
requirements to automate things more and more.
Now we are in the hot release phase and when it's over, the live
upgrade can start.

2. Translation check site. A little bit out of scope in Queens release
because of lack of resources. We'll try this again in Rocky.

3. Aquire more people to the team. That will be the main part of my work
as PTL in Rocky. We've won 3 new language teams in the last cycle and
can Openstack serve in Indian, Turkish and Esperanto. There is even more
potential for strengthening existing teams or creating new ones.
For this we have great OpenStack events in Europe this year, at least
the Fall Summit in Berlin. We plan workshops and presentations.

The work of the translation team is also becoming more colorful. We have
project documentation translation in the order books, translation user
survey and white papers for working groups.

We are well prepared, but we also look to the future, for example how
AI-programming can support us in the translation work.

If the plan suits you, I look forward to your vote.


Email: eumel at arcor.de
IRC: eumel8
Twitter: eumel_8

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