[OpenStack-I18n] [OpenStack-Infra] [I18n] Translation platform may be unstable or down during 2/27 - 3/3 due to upgrade

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 08:58:23 UTC 2017

Kato, Tomoyuki wrote on 3/2/2017 11:41 AM:
>> Hello,
>> I would like now to say that Zanata - translation platform has upgrade to
>> 3.9.6 and it looks the working is pretty fine!
> Thanks for your leadership, Ian.

I have continued from the effort from previous PTL - Kato-san :)

 From my remembrance, one Gerrit review from Frank: 
opened a good direction to support newer version of Zanata with Java 8.

After then, lots of things have been discovered & done for successful 
Zanata upgrade such as
running a Xenial instance, additional Wildfly 10 support, hacking 
puppet, new Zanata configuration, and testings.
Those things have been done with all participation - Infrastructure 
team, Zanata development team, and I18n team :)

>> Please check, experience, and test the new Zanata -
>> https://translate.openstack.org  and if there has some issues, please do
>> not hesitate to ping me or infra team.
>> Note that the previous instance (Zanata 3.7.3 with Trusty & Java 7) is being
>> kept now to revert if there will be a significant issues.
>> If there will be no issues on the next couple of days, Infra team will delete
>> the old Zanata server instance.
>> I really appreciate all the help and support for more than one year for
>> such upgrade
>> : Infra team - clarkb, fungi, ianw, pabelanger, and jhesketh , and also
>> Zanata development team members - aeng and pahuang have actively helped
>> for lots of issues.
> Also, you might forget early days support: pleia2 and stevek

Oh I never forget them - I still remember my first time when I went to 
Tokyo and I met them, Zanata development team and all I18n members for 
the 1st time :)
But.. I admit that I forgot mentioning them for great support & transition.

- Without pleia2's help on Barcelona Design Summit to meet with Clark & 
I18n team, the current upgrade result would be impossible.

- StevenK keeps staying and has helped kindly when asking more details 
on Zanata side in #openstack-infra channel
   as a Zanata infra-side pioneer :)

With many thanks,


>> ( And I have marked it in one of successes -
>> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Successes  )
>> With many thanks,
>> /Ian
> Thanks,
> KATO Tomoyuki

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