[OpenStack-I18n] [I18n] Denver PTG Planning

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 18:52:46 UTC 2017


PTG (Project Team Gathering) is also important for I18n team to meet 
upstream project developers in person
to discuss priorities for the upcoming cycle, iterate quickly on 
solutions for complex issues, and make fast progress on critical items
with many horizontal projects, and also better internationalize to 
vertical projects with discussion.

I have created an Etherpad for I18n team planning on next Denver PTG.
Please share your idea on the Etherpad: 
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/denver-i18n-PTG .

I really wanted to go to Denver PTG to discuss more I18n issues with 
many cross project teams
including Docs, Infra, Release Mgmt., and also find how more projects 
would be able to better internationalized
with the discussion of many project team members. However, due to my 
busy life with my new job,
I unfortunately am not able to attend to the next PTG.

Hope that I18n people will go to the PTG, and meet upstream project 
developers with interesting topics.
Note that the due of PTG travel support application is by August 6th.

With many thanks,


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