[OpenStack-I18n] IMPORTANT upcoming change to technical elections

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Aug 3 02:58:39 UTC 2017

On 2017-07-17 16:17:00 +0000 (+0000), Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> If you want to run or vote in upcoming elections for PTL and TC,
> make sure your Foundation Individual Membership is active and has at
> least one Email address which matches an Email address in your
> Gerrit account: log in at https://www.openstack.org/profile/ and
> check that it says "Current Member Level: Foundation Member" near
> the top and that at least one of the Primary, Second or Third Email
> Address fields contains an address which matches at least one of the
> entries available in the Preferred Email drop-down at
> https://review.openstack.org/#/settings/contact (case sensitivity
> doesn't matter but they at least need to be spelled the same).
> If you're an "extra-ATC" and don't have a Gerrit account (this is
> common for translators on the I18n team) then you still need to be a
> Foundation Member to participate in technical elections and should
> make sure your member profile includes the Email address listed for
> you on your team's page at
> https://governance.openstack.org/tc/reference/projects/ .

For those who haven't double-checked their memberships, I am
attaching a list of OpenStack Foundation Individual Member IDs and
names for contributors to official deliverable repositories between
2016-09-17 and the present (members.txt.gz, 2315 entries in total,
these should be eligible to vote in elections for projects to which
they contributed if a runoff is held). I'm also attaching a list of
the names of contributors over the same time period who could not be
automatically matched up to foundation membership profiles
(nonmembers.txt.gz, 291 entries in total).

If you want to vote in upcoming elections and your membership isn't
lining up with your contributor account/addresses (that is to say,
your name is in the attached nonmembers.txt.gz file) then please
follow the quoted instructions above from my earlier message as soon
as possible.

Should you have any trouble reading the attached compressed lists,
you can also view them in a browser at the following URLs:

    members.txt - http://paste.openstack.org/raw/617357/

    nonmembers.txt - http://paste.openstack.org/raw/617358/

Jeremy Stanley
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