[OpenStack-I18n] Let's also consider User survey translation: now available at Zanata!

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 22:27:27 UTC 2017


OpenStack User survey translation is now available at Zanata

Thanks a lot especially Heidi Joy, Jimmy McArthur, and Sebastian Marcet
who have supported, implemented user survey translation functionality, 
and integrated into Zanata with pot files.
QA page for qualified translation and review would be available later if 
translation ratio is high.

Foundation asks me that it would be so nice to have translations by 
around the early of June.
There will be OpenStack Days in Asia region on July, and the translated 
user survey is anticipated to
distribute to local users with translated questions.

Note that the followings are when each country in Asia will have 
OpenStack Days (OSD):

- July 13-14: OSD Korea
- July 18-19: OSD Taiwan
- July 20-21: OSD Japan
- July 22-23: OSD India
- July 24-25: OSD China

In my opinion, considering user survey translation with OSD would 
strengthen the relationship with local translators
and local user group members.
Please also consider and translate user survey :)

With many thanks,


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