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Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 09:17:46 UTC 2016

Hello Stefano!

First of all, sorry for my late reply from your kind comment.
(Recently I have been thinking a lot inside my brain, but most ideas are 
still in my head..)

Thank you very much for sharing with much details.
Although it has been less than 2 years since I participated in as a 
OpenStack Korean group organizer,
I have seen lots of kind and enormous efforts and communications from 
you and Tom during my community activities.
I really appreciate such great help and support, especially for 
non-English members from you and Tom, and also so many community members.

I agree that ask.o.o is also an open source, and in my opinion,
we, as community organizers and leaders, can encourage local developers 
and operators to more participate in
building and maintaining ask.o.o for their languages.
I really hope that more local communities will be vitalized through lots 
of interesting activities
: not only local meetups, but also grouped development activities and 
more participation in OpenStack contribution
including infra-side management.

My actions for building Korean ask.o.o may be slow, since recently I 
applied to I18n Ocata PTL.
but I would happily like to keep on investigating my time for building 
Korean ask.o.o steadily.

And for I18n team, the cross-relationship with other official project 
teams is important, but
encouraging more local language translator participation is also another 
significant aspect to make OpenStack ubiquitously accessible.

I really want to find nice approaches how local translators will get 
more involved in translation with local community activities.
If someone has a good idea on such perspective, feel free to kindly 
share opinions :)

(So for this reason and FYI, I am copying my mail thread to 
openstack-i18n at lists.openstack.org)

With many thanks,


Stefano Maffulli wrote on 9/14/2016 3:48 PM:
> On 09/11/2016 12:09 AM, Ian Y. Choi wrote:
>> I am one of OpenStack Korea user group organizers.
>> On the other hand, I really wanted to open ask.o.o for Korean
>> (e.g., ask.openstack.org/ko/questions ) but I am not familiar how I can
>> create or request this site.
> I can elaborate on this topic, since I have followed the initial steps
> of Ask OpenStack when it launched. That site exists partially because
> StackExchange denied OpenStack to create something like ask.ubuntu.com
> for us, and partially because I really wanted to have ask.openstack.org
> in multiple languages.
> During my tenure as community manager, the Foundation sponsored the
> improvement of the support for non-latin alphabets, with Chinese,
> Japanese and Korean as first targets.
> But once we launched the site in Chinese, we realized that the way we
> managed the site, we couldn't add more languages without increasing
> dramatically the risk of breaking everything. The resources to fix the
> situation were never enough to make a dramatic impact and therefore the
> site has been making slow progress over the years, focusing on
> stability, operational solidity and spam-prevention/fix.
> Despite having an extremely high ranking on search engines for common
> openstack issues in English, ask.openstack.org never had enough
> development resources to grow to the other languages.
>> So my general idea is to support more languages on ask.o.o, and
>> encourage more OpenStack members to use ask.o.o globally.
> I think this is still a very fair request but the answer can only be in
> the Foundation or volunteers in the community, since the whole software
> and infrastructure behind ask.openstack.org is open source. Languages
> can be added and tested on the staging site quite easily... in theory at
> least (the documentation is a bit sparse, with
> http://askbot.org/doc/multilingual.html#multilingual and
> http://askbot.org/doc/text-search.html#text-search being a starting
> point)... but once you activate Korean language, then you'll have a
> whole new site to manage... and I'm not sure what resources will be
> available to fix bugs that inevitably will pop up.
> /stef
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