[OpenStack-I18n] UNOFFICIAL horizon check site

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 01:48:34 UTC 2016

Hello Akihiro-san,

Thank you very much for kind sharing to us.

Akihiro Motoki wrote on 9/20/2016 10:32 AM:
> Hi,
> The official translation check site is not planned for Newton,
> so I set up an unofficial horizon translation check site for Japanese team.
> There is no reason not to share it to the community.
> URL: http://v157-7-133-23.myvps.jp/dashboard
> Username: 'demo' or 'admin'
> Password: b2949da771d1
I have just checked that Korean languages are visible just by using my 
web browser with Korean language support.
I think if translators have web browsers and configure the desired 
language to see as top priority in web browser settings,
they can see their desired localized languages.

Let's check our translations for Horizon and related projects, for Newton :)

> * The site is updated manually and occasionally when I want to.
> * Only core services (+ Heat) are covered. No additional services are covered.
> * The site will be closed or switched to Ocata sometime after Newton
> release is shipped.
>    No announcement is planned.
> * The site is sometimes used for development purpose.
> * This is a voluntary site. Do not ask me to update :)
Again, I really appreciate such voluntary work :)
I am now so happy that more translators can now check translations, 
although it is not official yet.

With many thanks,


> Akihiro
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