[OpenStack-I18n] [I18n] PTL Candidacy

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 02:34:18 UTC 2016


I am writing to announce my candidacy for I18n Ocata PTL.

I have participated in OpenStack translations into Korean
since October 2014. At the first time, I was just a Korean
translator and used Transifex, the previous translation platform.
As I got involved more and more, I have experienced and
learned a lot through the kind help from I18n members and also with
many I18n activities. I went to previous two Summits and it was so
happy to meet many I18n members, Zanata members, and Infra team members
offline. I have committed small patches into Infra, openstack-manuals,
and Stackalytics repositories for better integration with I18n.
Now I am an active translator in Korean team, and also an I18n core 
I am currently ranked as the third top contributor in Translations [1],
and I try to leave review comments with details in
openstack/i18n repository [2].

I18n team has become an official project since June last year [3].
Indeed, internationalizing OpenStack makes OpenStack ubiquitous
accessible to much more members all over the world. To accomplish
our team goal, we have done a lot of things including translation
platform and infrastructure with the collaboration of OpenStack teams.
On the other hand, it seems that currently there are still more things
to do with many translators, language coordinators, and also developers.
In my opinion, we need to find ways to more focus on translation qualities,
and keep better track of the change in evolving OpenStack.

I think I18n team is special because team members have different
language backgrounds and experiences. I like this diversity.
I truly believe that we can make good synergy with the diversity.

In the Ocata cycle, I would like to work with I18n members for:

* Translations are our first important aspect in I18n team.
   For better translations, more conversations and discussions
   with various I18n members are needed. Let's consider the ways
   to better communicate with language translators and coordinators.
   I would like to kindly discuss and cooperate with many members
   to share our good practices and improve OpenStack I18n Guide [4].
   Also, translation support in OpenStack I18n Guide will make our
   significant guide internationally accessible.

* Stablizing our on-going work is also important.
   For example, Stackalytics now shows Translations metric.
   However, more tunings are needed such as applying language filter,
   and showing translations on contribution report.
   Also, we need to apply appropriate ways for translators to regard
   as ATCs with an automated manner rather than registering as extra ATCs.

* Let's facilitate I18n and Inter-Project Cross-Project Liaisons [5].
   Lots of members from different project teams helped a lot.
   Since we have such nice Liaisons relationship with other project teams,
   facilitating Liaisons will be able to go for positive progress.
   For example, I really hope that Infrastructure/I18n Liaisons will
   help successfully land several on-going issues including
   translations check site and Zanata upgrade.

I would like to appreciate previous and current great help from
I18n and also many of different team members. Let's continue our effort
for OpenStack to become more universal! One more thing to mention
is that I am not fully familiar with all of aspects in I18n team.
I need help from many members even if I will be nominated for
I18n Ocata PTL. Please support and encourage me for better I18n project.

[1] http://stackalytics.com/?metric=translations
[2] http://stackalytics.com/report/contribution/i18n/90
[4] http://docs.openstack.org/developer/i18n/
[5] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#I18n

With many thanks,


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