[OpenStack-I18n] [horizon] Question on a singular/plural string use in openstack_dashboard

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 09:57:47 UTC 2016


Recently, thanks to the help from Andreas, I am investigating on a 
broken job
for the translation import of Horizon project [1].
The actual error message is
: openstack_dashboard/locale/ko_KR/LC_MESSAGES/django.po:8273: a format 
specification for argument 'req' doesn't exist in 'msgstr[0]'

And then I have found that this error was from a string in horizon - 
openstack_dashboard [2]

             error_message = ungettext_lazy(
                 'The requested instance cannot be launched as you only '
                 'have %(avail)i of your quota available. ',
                 'The requested %(req)i instances cannot be launched as 
you '
                 'only have %(avail)i of your quota available.',
             params = {'req': count,
                       'avail': available_count}

In i18n translation infrastructure, only one of two (for singular and 
plural) strings should be
selected, translated, saved, and finally imported back to Horizon 
project as [1].
However, the first string only used "%(avail)i" string variable,
and the second string used both "%(req)i" and "%(avail)i" string variables.

Since one Korean translator selected the first string, there will be no 
"%(req)i" in Korean po file, which generates such an error.
So my suggestion is to use the same string variables for both two 
strings when we use ungettext_lazy function.

Is it a bug from Horizon? Would it be other issues when we change like
: from 'The requested instance cannot be launched as you only ' to 'The 
requested %(req)i instance cannot be launched as you only '?


With many thanks,


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