[Openstack-i18n] Criteria of Horizon language list forMitakarelease

Nikolay Milekhin RUSMIL01 at ru.ibm.com
Tue Mar 22 13:46:37 UTC 2016

Strange, I see Russian is translated @ 99.34%


Nikolay Milekhin
Contractor, RCIS TSC
e-mail: rusmil01 at ru.ibm.com

From:	KATO Tomoyuki <tomo at dream.daynight.jp>
To:	"openstack-i18n at lists.openstack.org"
            <openstack-i18n at lists.openstack.org>
Date:	22.03.2016 16:07
Subject:	Re: [Openstack-i18n] Criteria of Horizon language list for

Dear all language coordinators,
especially, cs, de, en-gb, en-au, es, fr, it, ja, ko, pl, pt-br, ru, tr,
zh-cn, zh-tw.

It's time to translate into your language :)

KATO Tomoyuki

> <snip>
> We have four PO files per language for horizon.
> My understanding is 90% means 90% translations for all these PO files.
> Unfortunately, as of today, only four languages satisfy this criteria
> (90%): de, fr, ja, ko
> If we change the criteria to 66%, we will have three more languages:
> pt-br, ru, zh-cn.
> It is too sad statistics. openstack_dashboard/djangojs is the
> bottleneck of the progress.
> On the other hand, the current language list contains 15 translated
> cs, de, en-gb, en-au, es, fr, it, ja, ko, pl, pt-br, ru, tr, zh-cn,
> Akihiro

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