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Hi Daisy,

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 1:00 PM, Kato, Tomoyuki <
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> Hi Daisy,
> To be honest, I'm very surprising to hear it.
> I'll email you a few more in private.
> I appreciate your devoted work for a long term.
> Thanks,
> KATO Tomoyuki
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> > Hi, team
> >
> > I'm writing to let team know I will not run for I18n PTL in Newton cycle.
> >
> > I18n team have a long history starting from July of 2013. I was there at
> > the beginning. Almost 3 years passed, I see the team growth rapidly.
> > Especially in the recently year, a lot of things happened.
> >
> > In Vancouver, we had the first I18n team meeting and we decided to go
> > official. We made it in Liberty cycle. In Tokyo, tens of translators got
> > their ATC codes because of translation contributions. We successfully
> > moved to Zanata. We set up our own I18n repository. Translation
> > contributions can be shown in stackalytics. Translation check website
> will
> > be ready soon. Full time translators work together with us in Mitaka
> > translation. There were 1 million words translations in Zanata after
> > Liberty translation. I'm sure the number will grow a big amount in
> Mitaka.
> > I'm so proud of the team and progresses we made.
> >
> > I appreciated the great support from coordinators. I appreciated the help
> > of Elizabeth, Steve, Carlos and Alex, who helped to set up our own
> > dedicated translation website. I appreciated Andreas's work on infra
> side.
> > I appreciated Tom and Stefano who helped to set up the team. I'm so glad
> > that I made a lot of friends there.
> >

Thank you for great work.
I always feel pleasure while working with you while getting Zanata in
OpenStack ecosystem and shaping indian language for OpenStack community.


Chandan Kumar
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