[Openstack-i18n] What's Up, Doc? 29 January 2016

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Fri Jan 29 04:06:48 UTC 2016

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Hi everyone,

An incredibly hot week here in the antipodes, coupled with Australia Day has meant that I haven't been particularly productive this week. Luckily, the rest of you have picked up the slack, and things have been ticking along nicely. Thanks everyone :)

== Progress towards Mitaka ==

68 days to go!

368 bugs closed so far for this release.

RST Conversions
* All planned RST conversions are now complete! 

* Arch Guide
** https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+spec/archguide-mitaka-reorg
** Contact the Ops Guide Speciality team: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/OpsGuide
* User Guides
** https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+spec/user-guides-reorganised
** Contact the User Guide Speciality team: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/User_Guides

* After some discussion on the dev list, we're adjusting our approach to this problem. Watch this space.

== Speciality Teams ==

'''HA Guide - Bogdan Dobrelya'''
No update this week.

'''Installation Guide - Christian Berendt'''
AODH install instructions merged

'''Networking Guide - Edgar Magana'''
Networking guide versioning has been completed, we are publishing Liberty and Mitaka releases. Networking guide ToC has been updated and missing chapter have been assigned. Etherpad with the topic missing from the guide: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/networking-guide

'''Security Guide - Nathaniel Dillon'''
No update this week.

'''User Guides - Joseph Robinson'''
Team meetings started again this week, and the large point was an IA reorg after content merging. Other discussion point included checking in with Docs liasons for Sahara, Trove, Murano, and Magneto plus checking in with interested volunteers for the User Guide Team.

'''Ops and Arch Guides - Shilla Saebi'''
Reorganization of the architecture guide is on-going. We have a full team of volunteers on our wiki <https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/OpsGuide>, but not much traction. We need more volunteers and we were looking to do a swarm in Manchester but not enough team members attending. Looking to maybe set one up for Austin.

'''API Docs - Anne Gentle'''
No update this week.

'''Config Ref - Gauvain Pocentek'''
No update this week.

'''Training labs - Pranav Salunke, Roger Luethi'''
Liberty support continues to make good progress. We can now launch an instance VM. Some clean up and reviewing still needs to be done.

'''Training Guides - Matjaz Pancur'''
Preparations for Austin Upstream training (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/271006/). New landing page for Training guides (http://docs.openstack.org/draft/training-guides/.

'''Hypervisor Tuning Guide - Joe Topjian'''
An update to to the Guide was posted back in December with a call for participation: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-operators/2015-December/009147.html

== Doc team meeting ==

Next meetings:
US: Wednesday 3 February, 14:00 UTC
APAC: Wednesday 10 February, 00:30 UTC

Please go ahead and add any agenda items to the meeting page here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/DocTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting

Note that there is currently discussion about moving the US meeting four hours later to 20:00 UTC. If you have a strong opinion on this matter, make sure you weigh in on the mailing list thread: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2016-January/008206.html

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Keep on doc'ing!


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