[Openstack-i18n] [OpenStack-i18n] Install guide finished translated Korean

KATO Tomoyuki tomo at dream.daynight.jp
Sun Jan 17 00:06:46 UTC 2016

> Hi,
> Install guide finished transtated ko_KR and review too.
> How to add draft site[1]?

Hi Sungjin.

You can feel free to submit the patch to "openstack/openstack-manuals".


For the public site, www/ko_KR/index.html.
For the draft site, www/draft/draft-index.html.
Note that the draft site is not widely announced and publicly linked.

> Thanks
> Sungjin.
> ps. not yet common-docs...
> [1]: http://docs.openstack.org/draft/draft-index.html

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