[Openstack-i18n] translation check site local.conf andconfiguraitons

Frank Kloeker eumel at arcor.de
Tue Feb 23 21:06:35 UTC 2016

Hi Akihiro,

thanks for review. In the module we have this option to switch between minimal configuration and advanced (
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/274701/13/templates/local.conf.erb). In general I appreciate to handle more plugins in DevStack Installation. But I’ve got often errors in auto-installation with additional plugins like Sahara.
Unfortunately, I haven’t the devstack.log anymore. 
I suggest, I test again extensively your configuration and think about an option, how to re-install DevStack with the minimal configurationm if the extented Installation failed. Hint: we want to re-install DevStack automatically every day to get the newest code from git.

Kind regards


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Von: Akihiro Motoki
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Betreff: [Openstack-i18n] translation check site local.conf andconfiguraitons


Thanks for working on translation check site as the upstream.

Where is the configuration files maintained in OpenStack repositories?
I can share my local.conf with GitHub gist or in other ways, but it is
not the OpenStack way.
We use gerrit to share everything. I would like to follow it.

I promised to provide devstack local.conf which enables almost all
features for the check site.
I now have local.conf compatible with Liberty OpenStack dashboard
('compatible' means Trove and Sahara horizon plugins are supported).

To support more horizon plugins beyond sahara/trove dashboard for translations,
everyone can push a new version of local.conf once he/she finds and confirms
a right configuration. There are many horizon plugins, so it is not
reasonable to
depend devstack configurations on a small group of peoples.


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