[OpenStack-I18n] Discussion: How to test Zanata well for translate-dev.openstack.org?

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 16:20:18 UTC 2016


First of all, I am really sorry for raising this issue late.
(I have thought that I already shared it through openstack-i18n mailing 
list, but it was actually in my draft mailbox..)

Previously, when I18n team migrated translation platform from Transifex 
to Zanata,
http://translate-dev.openstack.org was used to test Zanata.
Current Zanata version we use is 3.7.3, and now I18n wants to have newer 
Zanata version
(e.g., 3.9.6: 
https://github.com/zanata/zanata-platform/releases/tag/server-3.9.6 - 
current latest)
with a few bug fixes and newer functionalities.

Infra team is now helping to upgrade Zanata with server operating system 
(Current translate.openstack.org uses Trusty - Ubuntu 14.04 but newer 
Zanata version needs Xenial - Ubuntu 16.04),
and now http://translate-dev.openstack.org is running with current 
Zanata 3.7.3 version and *Xenial*!

For the first step, I18n team needs to test translate-dev.openstack.org
- whether Zanata 3.7.3 works with Xenial operating system or not.

Please see possible test items on Etherpad: 

Actually, since I did not involve too much on previously migration from 
Transifex to Zanata,
I am not sure whether current test items on Etherpad is sufficient for 
Zanata test or not.
So, please review test items for such testing purposes and add or modify 
items if needed.
Also, involving translate-dev test activities and updating test result 
with 'O' mark in Etherpad will be really appreciated.

If our test result is fine, then the next step would be to test Zanata 
latest version with Xenial
on translate-dev.openstack.org .

With many thanks,


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