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Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
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Hope that everything goes well for all.

I am forwarding one e-mail which recalls 'soft string freeze'!

By the way, when is the next IRC i18n meeting? 06:00 UTC on September 1 
is correct?

If it is correct, I think it is a good time to summarize what we did and 
decide which projects to be translated as i18n team objectives.

With many thanks,


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The feature freeze deadline is 1 Sept. All project teams should be
putting the last minute touches on feature work.

General Notes

Non-client libraries are frozen and will only see updates for
release-critical bugs. We have not created stable branches, yet,
in case we do need those releases. Teams who haven't frozen master
will need to create the stable branch from their most recent release
and backport fixes before doing a patch release.

The third milesone occuring this week includes several freezes in
our release cycle to let us shift our focus to bug fixes and generally
hardening the release.

* We freeze releases of all libraries and changes to requirements
   between the third milestone and the final release to give downstream
   packagers time to vet the libraries. Only emergency bug fix updates
   are allowed during that period, not releases for FFEs.

* The overall feature freeze allows teams to wrap up Newton and start
   thinking about Ocata planning.

* We start a soft string freeze at the milestone to give translators
   time to catch up with the work that has already been done this cycle.
   A hard string freeze will follow two weeks later at R-3.

Release Actions

The last day for releases for client libraries will be 1 Sept. File your
release request in time to have the release done on the 1st.

The milestone deadline is also 1 Sept. Please file your 0b3 tag request
in time to have the release done on the 1st.

Review the members of your $project-release group in gerrit, based on
the instructions Thierry sent on 15 Aug.

Important Dates

Newton RC-1, 15 Sept.

Newton release schedule: http://releases.openstack.org/newton/schedule.html

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