[OpenStack-I18n] Translation script challenges

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Sat Apr 9 18:38:58 UTC 2016

I think this is mainly of interest to KATO-san, Akihiro-san, Alex, and
infra folks but wanted to send it here to have it recorded. This is
about the scripting we use in project-config to push content to zanata.

I just did two changes to fix problems I noticed with release notes
translation and with python projects that use more than one module


But now I see have another problem:

Since keystone went from one to two modules, the srcdir setting changed
and thus it's not anymore keystone but keystone/locale/keystone as
resource name.


The rename deleted the old content and created new files ;(
We can fix this with downloading the translation of mitaka files and
pushing them to master. But this will hit us every time a project moves
from one to multiple modules.

Now, checking releasenotes push for python projects: It still does not
work due to the ../.. zanata-cli does not see files outside of the srcdir.

For reference: We need to push
nova/locale/nova.pot and releasenotes/locale/releasenotes.pot

zanata.xml contains:

So, I'm proposing to set sourcedir and transdir *everywhere* to "."
instead of "$module/locale" - like done for multiple modules:


Does anybody have a better idea on how to fix these two problems? Or a
better way to write the rules above for this?

Alex, is there a way to not lose the content when this change is done
since it will rename the translation files?

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