[Openstack-i18n] Automatic copying of translations in Zanata?

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Tue Sep 22 17:47:53 UTC 2015

Today the majority of the IBM translations got merged into the the 
normal versions since zanata by default searches at every upload with 
the zanata client for translation of untranslated strings and merges 
them [1]. So, when ceilometer got uploaded as master version, the IBM 
ceilometer strings where searched for already translated strings and 
untranslated ceilometer strings where automatically translated with the 
IBM version.

Daisy, Clark, Lyz, and myself just had some discussion on 
#openstack-i18n and decided to disable for now the automatic copying of 
translations while we discuss what to do next.

The question for me is, do we want this kind of automatic copying of 
translations - and if, how do we want it.

Previously enabled was copying only in a project between versions. So, 
for example if there is a stable/liberty and a master version (or an IBM 
and a master version) of the same document, and one contains a 
translated string and the other gets updated, the translated string gets 
copied over if the string is not translated yet.
This feature can also be enabled for copying between projects and files.

So, we could enable it and then when a string gets translated in let's 
say nova and exactly the same string is in neutron and untranslated, the 
translation would be copied from nova to neutron.

So, question to discuss:

1) Do we translators want such automatic translations?
2) And if yes, only between:
a) versions of same document
b) inside a project (so, only inside nova)
c) across all projects and documents

Note that this setting is the same for all languages.

Note that there's an option as well to do this automatic translation 
manually, for example at project creation time. So, if a new project 
gets setup, Zanata could try to copy automaticly translations across 
projects for a quick start.

What do you think? Do you want to translate each string manually - or 
let Zanata do the work and to which extend?

I hope I summarized everything correctly, if not please correct my 


[1] http://zanata.org/help/copytrans-explained/
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