[Openstack-i18n] Zanata, message to the team

Robert Simai robert.simai at suse.com
Mon Sep 21 09:07:37 UTC 2015

Hi Jeremy,

On Fri Sep 18 2015 14:08:27 GMT+0200 (CEST) fungi at yuggoth.org wrote:
> On 2015-09-18 09:35:13 +0200 (+0200), Robert Simai wrote:
> [...]
>> I read this as "go for an own fully featured mailing list per
>> language team if desired". I find that much over engineered and it
>> still means extra efforts to maintain the memberships.
> Conversely, implementing mailing list software from scratch is
> nontrivial, and so any embedded discussion mechanism within Zanata
> will get the pleasure of reinventing bugs solved ages ago in more
> mature listservs. Perhaps a compromise feature would be some sort of

I guess we don't know yet if Zanata alrerady has some feature in the 
pipeline :-)

> mailing list integration, so that the memberships can be maintained
> automatically and tied to the teams Zanata knows about but still
> leverage an existing full-featured free software listserv
> implementation on the back end.

I agree we don't have reinvent the wheel but it should be with least 
maintenance effort. I think - as you indicate - that requires some 
(semi-)automatic process to reliably subscribe Zanata users to the 
respective language lists and probably to unsubscribe if they leave the 
team. I don't know if that's technically feasible or who can do that.


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