[Openstack-i18n] IBM translations to contribute

Douglas Fish drfish at us.ibm.com
Wed Sep 9 21:34:15 UTC 2015

Hi i18n Friends,

I'm happy to share that we are proceeding with our plan to share our IBM
translations with the OpenStack community.

To review and follow up on what was shared in the 2015-08-20 i18n team
meeting [1]:
- We would like to contribute our IBM translations for projects ceilometer,
glance, heat, nova, ironic, neutron, cinder, keystone, and swift. Note that
Horizon is not in this list because the community has been focused on
translating Horizon; I'm concerned there may be excessive terminology
- We have translations for de es  fr  it  ja  ko_KR  pt_BR  ru  zh_CN
- These contributions are based on our Kilo translations. They have been
reviewed and tested.
- In order to facilitate an informal review by the translation teams before
uploading I've made the translations available at
https://github.com/doug-fish/openstack-translations . The repository is
private. If you'd like access, just share your github id with me via email
(drfish at us.ibm.com) or IRC (doug-fish) and I'll give you access.
- Segments that have been updated with IBM translations have a comment
"Contributed by IBM" added. This is to enable reviewing; I don't expect
these comments to remain in Zanata after the upload.

At a high level, our process is that we are extracting the existing PO
files from Zanata, then using Babel based code to compare our IBM
translations with the community ones and filling in any blanks. We've taken
care not to overwrite any existing translations.

These proposed files are based on what we extracted from Zanata recently
(today). Our intent is to run this tooling again after the review period to
pick up any community translations that have occurred. I'm aware that
translations for Nova are not updated in Zanata yet, but again, I expect to
handle this by re-running our tools.

I'm working with Thomas Cocozzello (tjcocozz) and Lucas Palm (lapalm) who
have coded our tools and scripts to handle this. They are requesting to
join the language teams in Zanata so that if there are no concerns noted
during the review they can upload translation contributions.

I plan to ask Tom and Lucas to upload these files on 2015-09-14 unless
there are concerns noted during the reviews.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns!



Doug Fish
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