[Openstack-i18n] [nova] [all] Updated String Freeze Guidelines

John Garbutt john at johngarbutt.com
Wed Sep 9 09:59:30 UTC 2015


I have had quite a few comments from folks about the string freeze
being too strict.

It was noted that:
* users will prefer an untranslated log, over a silent failure
* translators don't want existing strings changing while they are
translating them
* translators tooling can cope OK with moved strings and new strings

After yesterday's cross project meeting, and hanging out in
#openstack-i18n I have come up with these updates to the String Freeze

Basically, we have a Soft String Freeze from Feature Freeze until RC1:
* Translators work through all existing strings during this time
* So avoid changing existing translatable strings
* Additional strings are generally OK

Then post RC1, we have a Hard String Freeze:
* No new strings, and no string changes
* Exceptions need discussion

Then at least 10 working days after RC1:
* we need a new RC candidate to include any updated strings

Is everyone happy with these changes?


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