[Openstack-i18n] Review IRC meeting time

KATO Tomoyuki tomo at dream.daynight.jp
Mon Jun 1 14:50:00 UTC 2015

Hi Daisy,

> Hello, team
> I would like to review our IRC meeting time.
> Now we are using UTC 0800 and we meet on every first and third Thursday.
> I18n team have people from all over the world.
> Some people would like to use their day time, and some people prefer to use
> their evening time.
> I want to change to two time slots for the meetings.
> We use them alternately.

It is better to have two time slots.

> Hope every team member could find a suitable time to join the team meeting.
> I suggest below two time slots:
> 1. The first Thursday every month
> UTC 6am, Thur
> ...
> Tokyo 15pm, Thur
> 2. The third Thursday every month
> UTC 13pm, Thur
> ...
> Tokyo 22pm, Thur
> Please let me know which time slot works for you.
> Or if neither works for you, please suggest a time.

"2" is prefer to me. It is not too late at night to me :-)

I am uncertain whether I can attend meeting at "1".
It depends on my business schedule.

KATO Tomoyuki

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