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Bernd Bausch berndbausch at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 08:16:53 UTC 2015

There is nothing like a good rage on a Sunday (yes Sunday) afternoon. Many
thanks, Monty. You helped me make glance work for my particular case; I will
limit any further messages to the docs mailing list.

For now I will use API v1 (export OS_IMAGE_API_VERSION=1), pending further
discussions in the install guide team. To me, install guides are more a way
to enter the OpenStack world than an official installation guide; no need to
expose newbies including myself to the complexity of v2.


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Sorry for top posting - I wasn't subscribed to the doc list before clarkb
told me about this thread. Warning ... rage coming ... if you don't want to
read rage on a Saturday, I recommend skipping this email.

a) There may be a doc bug here, but I'm not 100% convinced it's a doc bug -
I'll try to characterize it in this way:

"As a user, I do not know what version of glance I am or should be
interacting with"

That part of this is about the default version that python-glanceclient may
or may not use and what version you may or may not need to provide on the
command line is a badness I'll get to in a second - but a clear "so you want
to upload an image, here's what you need to know" is, I think, what Bernd
was looking for

b) Glance is categorically broken in all regards related to this topic.
This thing is the most painful and most broken of everything that exists in
OpenStack. It is the source of MONTHS of development to deal with it in
Infra, and even the workarounds are terrible.

Let me expand:

glance image-upload MAY OR MAY NOT work on your cloud, and there is
absolutely no way you as a user can tell. You just have to try and find out.

IF glance image-upload does not work for you, it may be because of two
things, neither of which are possible for you as a user to find out:


- Your cloud has decided to not enable image upload permissions in their
policy.json file, which is a completely opaque choice that you as a user
have no way of finding out. If this is the case you have no recourse, sorry.
- Your cloud has deployed a recent glance and has configured it for glance
v2 and has configured it in the policy.json file to ONLY allow v2 and to
disallow image-upload

If the second is true, which you have no way to discover except for trying,
what you need to do is:

- upload the image to swift
- glance task-create --type=import --input='{"import_from":
"$PATH_TO_IMAGE_IN_SWIFT", "image_properties" : {"name": "Human Readable
Image Name"}}'

Yes, you do have to pass JSON on the command line, because BONGHITS (/me
glares at the now absent Brian Waldon with withering disdain for having
inflicted such an absolutely craptastic API on the world.)

Then, you need to poll glance task-status for the status of the import_from
task until your image has imported.

c) The python-glanceclient command line client should encapsulate that
ridiculous logic for you, but it does not

d) It should be possible to discover from the cloud which of the approaches
you should take, but it isn't

Now - I'm honestly not sure how far the docs team should take working around
this - because fully describing how to successfully upload an image without
resorting to calling people names is impossible - but is it really the Docs
team job to make an impossible API seem user friendly? Or, should we not
treat this as a docs bug and instead treat it as a Glance bug and demand a
v3 API that rolls back the task interface?

I vote for the latter.

BTW - the shade library encodes as much of the logic above as it can.
That it exists makes me sad.


On Sat, Apr 11, 2015 at 10:50 AM, Matt Kassawara <mkassawara at gmail.com>

> Sounds like a problem with one or more packages (perhaps
> python-glanceclient?) because that command using the source version 
> (not
> packages) returns the normal list of help items. Maybe try the source 
> version using "pip install python-glanceclient"?
> On Sat, Apr 11, 2015 at 5:55 AM, Bernd Bausch <berndbausch at 
> gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> glance help image-create. Sorry for being vague.
>> When running glance with the parameters from the install guide (the 
>> trunk version), I am told that I am not doing it correctly; I don't 
>> have the precise message handy.
>> My fear is that I will hit similar problems later. You solving the 
>> problem would be nice but not enough :)
>> *From:* Matt Kassawara [mailto:mkassawara at gmail.com]
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>> *Subject:* Re: [OpenStack-docs] [install-guide] RE: What's Up Doc? 
>> Apr
>> 10 2015
>> When you run "glance help image-create" or just "glance image-create"
>> with no arguments?
>> On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 11:45 PM, Bernd Bausch <berndbausch at 
>> gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> This is what I get when running glance image-create:
>>                 usage: glance image-create [--property <key=value>] 
>> [--file <FILE>]
>>    [--progress]
>>    <unavailable>
>>                 Create a new image.
>>                 Positional arguments:
>>                   <unavailable>         Please run with connection
>> parameters set to retrieve
>>                                                        the schema for 
>> generating help for this command
>> So I wonder how I can get to the bottom of this.
>> *From:* Matt Kassawara [mailto:mkassawara at gmail.com]
>> *Sent:* Saturday, April 11, 2015 1:39 PM
>> *To:* Bernd Bausch; openstack-docs at lists.openstack.org
>> *Subject:* Re: [OpenStack-docs] [install-guide] RE: What's Up Doc? 
>> Apr
>> 10 2015
>> I'd use the conventional python-*client for all services except 
>> keystone because the Openstack client doesn't seem very complete for 
>> them. If
>> using the glance client, it defaults to the v1 API and the commands 
>> from the Juno installation guide should work. If you use the v2 API, 
>> one thing changes with how to set public/private visibility.
>> On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 8:11 PM, Bernd Bausch <berndbausch at 
>> gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> Regarding the installation guide, I need some advice. Perhaps the 
>> docs community can help?
>> I am trying to install Kilo on yum-based systems using a repo from 
>> the RDO project. I have hit a few roadblocks that I have been able to 
>> deal with, but I am unsure what to do with the current one.
>> My questions are: Is it appropriate to ask developers about the 
>> intended way of doing things, if the old ways don't work anymore? If 
>> yes, what are the best channels - chat, dev mailing list, personal 
>> email, .? If no,
>> else can I do? Do developers make such changes public somewhere?
>> Below is the problem I am currently trying to solve. **Note** that I 
>> am including it as an illustration what I am struggling with (more 
>> problems will show up as I continue working on this); I am not asking 
>> you to solve this particular problem for me.
>> So far, to upload an image to Glance, the "glance image-create" 
>> command is used. This command doesn't work anymore as in the past, 
>> and I don't understand what the "glance help image-create" is trying 
>> to say. On the other hand, I haven't found an equivalent command in the
new "openstack"
>> CLI client. So my question is - what is the correct way to upload an
>> these days.
>> Have a great weekend,
>> Bernd
>> From: Anne Gentle [mailto:annegentle at justwriteclick.com]
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>> Cc: Jesse Noller
>> Subject: [OpenStack-docs] What's Up Doc? Apr 10 2015
>> Hi all,
>> As you probably saw from PTL nominations last week, I'm happy to hand 
>> the docs PTL baton to Lana Brindley! I loved leading this group and 
>> thank you all for supporting me. Thank you Lana for your willingness 
>> to lead. I'm still here to bring us to the Kilo release, so this 
>> week's What's Up Doc brings sharp focus requests to everyone to work 
>> on docs. These are
the top
>> priorities that we all need to work on - devs, writers, testers, 
>> gaters, everyone.
>> 1. Bug triaging and fixing, especially for openstack-manuals. There 
>> are nearly 300 DocImpact bugs logged that we need developers to 
>> circle
back to.
>> With nearly 600 bugs overall, we need lots of focus here. To that 
>> end, I propose we hold a bug triage day. I'll send details in a separate
>> 2. Install Guide testing and reviewing. The Install Guide team has a 
>> published spec that will help reviewers see what's changing with the 
>> Kilo Install guide:
>> Join them for weekly meetings Tuesdays at at 13:00 UTC (8:00 AM US
CDT) in
>> Google Hangout:
>> If you do nothing else but these two focus areas we'll be in good shape.
>> There are other activities going on leading up to Vancouver but those 
>> two are top priorities.
>> _RST Migration_
>> We are working to resolve translation tool expectations with the i18N 
>> team. I want to publish the RST-based English End User Guide and
Admin User
>> Guide once we're all comfortable with the way forward. Daisy will 
>> discuss the implications at the next i18N team meeting Thursday at 
>> 0800 UTC, and we'll implement and communicate the plan.
>> _Networking Guide_
>> Next on the list is Networking Guide testing and reviewing. The 
>> Networking Guide team has a talk in Vancouver and needs to get their
>> in shape for publishing. The neutron team is holding a doc day April 23.
>> Please join in -- they'll post details in their notes.
>> _First App Tutorial_
>> There's also the First Application Tutorial that needs to finish the 
>> spec and needs an editing cleanup prior to publishing. Ideally that 
>> will
>> before Vancouver, we need to get it to the finish line.
>> _HA Guide_
>> With everything else going on we need an updated spec for the HA 
>> Guide - the wiki page isn't enough. Based on this week's doc team 
>> meeting it
>> like that can go to RST as well but we need it in the spec so we can 
>> plan and cross-coordinate with the other priorities leading up to
>> _Vancouver Summit _
>> The docs team has four Fishbowl time slots, 2 Workroom slots, and 1 
>> Meetup allocated now. If you'd like to discuss a cross-project idea,
>> use the  form to suggest new ideas:
>> http://goo.gl/forms/S69HM6XEeb. You can see the current suggestions 
>> already posted here:
>> Lana or I will send out an etherpad in the next week or so with topic 
>> suggestions for our allocation.
>> Thanks,
>> Anne
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>> Anne Gentle
>> annegentle at justwriteclick.com
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