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Alexandra Settle a.settle at outlook.com
Fri Apr 21 11:20:05 UTC 2017

Documentation team,

In light of the announcement from Lana Brindley and myself at last night’s meeting[0] regarding the news of the OSIC fall out, we need to refocus our efforts within the team.

It is no secret that the documentation core team was already struggling, however, this news comes as a blow. OSIC affects some of our key leaders – Lana Brindley (Install Guide), Brian Moss (Tools and theme), Darren Chan (Ops and Arch), Joseph Robinson (User and Admin), John Davidge (Networking), Ianeta Hutchinson (HA), and myself.

Before I go on – I would like to thank them all for their tireless efforts to make this team the best it can be. Lana has been a strong leader as PTL for the last few cycles, and has been an excellent mentor to me when she passed on the torch. They have each agreed to continue working with me on the documentation until they are otherwise indisposed. I cannot thank them enough for that.

Sadly, this does mean we are going to have to look at centralizing our work once again. I propose we remove the specialty teams (as most of our leads will soon be gone, will limited replacement resources), and focus entirely on our core suite: Install, Networking, User, Admin, and Operations guides.

If people are able to step up and help out with this process, I will be grateful. We are going to need release liaisons to step up sooner than before. If anyone is able to fulfil this role, please contact me directly.

As the OSIC news affects me also, I cannot promise that I will continue to be PTL for the Queens release. I am now asking if anyone is interested in the role, to please approach me. There is 6 months until the end of this cycle, and I will dedicate my time and efforts into ensuring you are equipped for the role.

This is unsettling, but this isn’t the end. I will endeavor to spend the next 6 months working hard to ensure the documentation team, and the guides, are stable. When I became PTL, I promised that I would work hard on integrating CPL’s and addressing our technical debt, these goals are now more important than ever.




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