[OpenStack-docs] [telemetry] Ceilometer and Aodh install guide(s)

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> The other question I had in mind is in connection with removing "..
> only::". As Ceilometer is integrated with several other projects it needs
> additional configuration steps, where we have distro specific steps to
> follow. I chose the direction of extracting the common parts and reused
> them in the distro specific files. The end result still looks ugly and I have
> concerns about maintainability. We merged a first version of the
> structure, but I'm happy to change if we can come up with a better
> solution. Do you have suggestions on this?
I would suggest a modular approach with the use of .. include::
It would look something like this:

Instructions for Ubuntu

.. include:: file-with-common-steps.rst

.. include:: file-with-ubuntu-steps.rst

Then you can do the same for each distro. Having all the separate procedures
in different files should help solve your maintainability concerns.

Rodrigo Caballero

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