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Pranav Salunke dguitarbite at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 13:44:02 UTC 2016


I was made to think about the visibility of docs in the internet as I heard
from the users of OpenStack about their reference documentation coming from
*other sources*. I am not against other people/companies posting OpenStack
related documentation. But most of the problems/learning that this team
wanted to have was OpenStack specific and not vendor or platform or plugin
specific. I asked them if they found some shortcomings from the upstream
documentation and they barely had any idea about all different things that
the Documentation Project covers.

IMHO OpenStack Documentation project provides really high quality
documentation covering a vast variety of topics addressing many levels of
positions (Devs, Ops, Beginners, Architects, Sales, and more!) and we have
a lively community which basically provides us with an advantage to keep
these Docs, books, guides etc. updated with the speed and agility which is
unmatched and rather difficult to compete with.

I wanted to ask if we are taking any extra efforts apart from normal
Analytics and SEO bits for promoting the official OpenStack documentation!
It would also work in getting more contributors as the side effect but the
main motivation point is to provide more visibility to the community,
users, especially beginners. I would personally love to see some efforts in
this direction, any efforts like more visibility during the summit and
other community events around the world, and more ... hope to hear some
interesting things here.

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