[OpenStack-docs] Move HA guide to draft-only/experimental state

Matt Kassawara mkassawara at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 13:25:33 UTC 2016

I see plenty of people trying to use the HA guide and finding it
frustrating/misleading for the following reasons:

1) Lacks sufficient content for all common services.
2) Example configuration for OpenStack services doesn't work with recent
releases of OpenStack (after Kilo or so).
3) References overly complex mechanisms such as Pacemaker and Corosync.

I see a slow stream of patches for the HA guide, but none of them address
these problems in any significant fashion. I suggest moving the HA guide to
draft-only state, or somehow marking it experimental, until it becomes
usable again. Alternatively, we can submit patches to make it more generic
by enhancing the concepts and removing specific configuration.
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