[OpenStack-docs] [networking] Meeting minutes 1/30/15

Nick Chase nchase at mirantis.com
Sat Jan 31 03:20:11 UTC 2015


Small meeting today, but productive. We covered:

-- A run-through of the TOC 
(https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/NetworkingGuide/TOC) to determine which 
content we had and which we still needed to source. Some portion of 
what's missing will be taken from the existing guide; the rest will be 
written from scratch. But the major parts, the scenarios, are close to 
being ready. We also split a couple of sections.
-- Format: We've decided to go ahead and covert to RST, since we're in 
the middle of converting a ton of content anyway. Besides, the content 
we haven't added yet is in Markdown, which is easily convertible to RST 
using Pandoc.
-- Summit proposal: Matt put forth an idea about a session that talks 
about how non-technical writers can contribute to docs, using the 
networking guide and this process as an example. We are pretty confident 
that by May the guide will be respectible, if not complete.
-- Meeting forum: Next Tuesday Matt and I will test out the open source 
alternative to Google Hangout.
-- Additional (not mentioned at meeting, but important): I have updated 
the meeting list to show the Hangout information so people know where to 
go, until we replace Hangout.*

Action items:

-- Phil needs to create an OVS version of his L3 HA scenario; it's 
virtually the same, with the exception of the fact that it apparently 
works much better.

-- Nick will look into restructuring the book as RST.
-- Nick will convert the Markdown to RST; Sean will provide guidance if 
-- Nick will check on possible LBaaS and VPNaaS SMEs for the "Advanced" 


Next meeting:  Friday, February 6, 2015, Noon Eastern Time (1700 UTC)

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